Friday, December 14, 2007

Middle of December Update

Hi everyone, this week Tanya has made it to 25 weeks along as of Tuesday, December 11. And, her OB has measured her belly at 45 weeks! Wow! Blood pressure and weight are great; Tanya has gained 11 pounds so far. She's having a bit of a hard time sleeping and is getting uncomfortable but every day she says it's worth it.

On Thursday we visited Tanya's perinatologist who was amazed at how well the three babies are doing. All three have great amniotic fluid levels and all three of thier hearts look fine. Umbilicle cords are fine and each is measuing as follows: A - 1 pound, 14 oz; B - 1 pound, 12 oz; C - 1 pound, 9 oz! All of their structures look great too.

Tanya's perinatologist asked us to come back in one week so we don't have to wait over the Christmas break until we go back. So, we'll be back there on December 20 with more updates.

Tanya gave me permission to post this picutre I took of her on Thanksgiving day. This was at week 22 (remember now she's at 25 :) )

More to come...