Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Hi everyone, we've had a few more doctor visits since our last post. Everything is going well. There was a bit of a scare last Thursday with the level of amniotic fluid surrounding baby c but that appears to have subsided.

All three little guys are doing well. Tanya is now 18 weeks along and getting plenty of rest. Her doctors locally and around the country are recommending as much horizontal rest each day as possible. She has increased her daily dose of Boost or Ensure bottles to 3 or 4. We're buying stock in those companies as well as Huggies for future reference.

Since it's ideal to make it to 32 weeks when pregnant with triplets and Tanya is now at 18, it's critical that we do everything possible to keep those little guys in her belly. So drinking water as prescribed, protein drinks, getting lots of rest, not over exerting herself, etc. are all important. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers and we'll write more soon. Also, I promise we'll get a couple ultrasound photos scanned soon.

Thanks for all of your support..

Friday, October 19, 2007

16 Weeks 5 days (Measuring 27 weeks)

Hi everyone, Tanya's DR (OB) appointment was today and she just got out of the office with a wonderful update. She's 16 weeks, 5 days along. Her body is treating the pregnancy as if she were 27 weeks. Remember the goal is to get go longer than 32 weeks gestation with triplets. At 16 weeks, 5 days, she's just over 1/2 way there. Since her body responds as if she were 27 weeks, her doctor is asking her to start taking it easy while at home. All three of the triplets are doing great and very active. The twins have moved to a spot just above her belly button and the single has moved right below them. All are facing her back at the moment and have great heart beats. Tanya's next appointment is with her perinatologist on October 25. This is the doctor who takes a close look at each of the triplets with a fancier ultrasound machine. Her doctor visits will become more frequent as we get further into October. Her OB now will see her every two weeks and we suspect her perinatologist will order the same when Tanya visits her on October 25. More to come. Thanks…

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

16 Weeks, 2 Days

Hi everyone -- quick update. Tanya is 16 weeks, 2 days along as of today. The triplets were extremely active yesterday while we were at work. They jumped around all day and could be felt several times each hour. We'll be scanning the most recent ultra sound pictures and posting them on this site by this weekend. All is going great so far and Tanya is heeding advice from her doctor and resting as much as possible, drinking almost one gallon of water each day, taking in tons of protein, etc. etc. More to come soon --- there are a couple doctor appts. next week. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

All looks great - Friday appointment!

Hi everyone, we visited with Tanya's perinatologist on Friday morning. The ultrasound machine they have is very detailed. Stay tuned for some images from that day; we'll try to post them on this site soon.

All three babies measured on target and they're all doing great. The doctor told Tanya to take it easy as much as possible. The more rest and also good eating habits she has now, the more likely all three babies will stay in longer.

On Sunday, October 7, Tanya will be 15 weeks pregnant! We're on our way! :)

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Fantastic Update!

I just got a call from Tanya. She’s headed into the office from a quick visit with her OB. I couldn’t make this one but will be with her later this week when she sees her perinatologist.’s the update:

Tanya’s progressing as if she were 23 weeks but she’s really only 14 weeks, two days. This is normal for a triplet pregnancy. It means her body responds to her pregnancy as if she was 23 weeks due to the volume of babies.

All three are doing very well and were observed on the OB's ultrasound. All are tracking as expected and there is no sign of any issue. Tanya has lost another two pounds but her OB advised this is normal and actually preferred. Not gaining weight puts less stress on her baby organs early in the pregnancy.

The ultrasound showed a very calm and laid back singleton (the fraternal twin) and two hyper active identical twins! The twins have always been super active when we've seen them. It's hilarious.

Next appointment with Tanya's peri is this Friday. It will include a much more in-depth look by ultrasound. More to come.