Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Fantastic Update!

I just got a call from Tanya. She’s headed into the office from a quick visit with her OB. I couldn’t make this one but will be with her later this week when she sees her perinatologist. Ok..here’s the update:

Tanya’s progressing as if she were 23 weeks but she’s really only 14 weeks, two days. This is normal for a triplet pregnancy. It means her body responds to her pregnancy as if she was 23 weeks due to the volume of babies.

All three are doing very well and were observed on the OB's ultrasound. All are tracking as expected and there is no sign of any issue. Tanya has lost another two pounds but her OB advised this is normal and actually preferred. Not gaining weight puts less stress on her baby organs early in the pregnancy.

The ultrasound showed a very calm and laid back singleton (the fraternal twin) and two hyper active identical twins! The twins have always been super active when we've seen them. It's hilarious.

Next appointment with Tanya's peri is this Friday. It will include a much more in-depth look by ultrasound. More to come.