Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Hi everyone, we've had a few more doctor visits since our last post. Everything is going well. There was a bit of a scare last Thursday with the level of amniotic fluid surrounding baby c but that appears to have subsided.

All three little guys are doing well. Tanya is now 18 weeks along and getting plenty of rest. Her doctors locally and around the country are recommending as much horizontal rest each day as possible. She has increased her daily dose of Boost or Ensure bottles to 3 or 4. We're buying stock in those companies as well as Huggies for future reference.

Since it's ideal to make it to 32 weeks when pregnant with triplets and Tanya is now at 18, it's critical that we do everything possible to keep those little guys in her belly. So drinking water as prescribed, protein drinks, getting lots of rest, not over exerting herself, etc. are all important. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers and we'll write more soon. Also, I promise we'll get a couple ultrasound photos scanned soon.

Thanks for all of your support..