Wednesday, November 7, 2007

19 Weeks and 3 days - all good so far

Hi everyone, thanks again for checking on us so often. Tanya's last appointment with her perinatologist on Monday of this week went very well. All three of the triplets are in plenty of amniotic fluid, all three had great blood flow in their umbilical cords, and all were measuring on track for this stage of the pregnancy. All heart beats looked normal too. So, we go back for our weekly perinatologist visit this coming Monday for the next ultrasound.

Tanya has been taken out of work and is resting at home. She spends her time making sure she's consuming enough protein and water each day plus resting. Doctors suggest she remain horizontal as much as possible.

Thanks to everyone who has already donated almost 1/2 a garage full of clothes and baby items. There are some more folks who have offered and we're synching up with you soon. Thanks also for all of your thoughts and prayers. More to come...