Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Surprise Surprise - We're at 22 Weeks!

Hi Everyone, we got a bit of a surprise yesterday when Tanya visited her OB. He told her --- you're 22 weeks pregnant on Tuesday (today)! And, he revised her due date from April 1 to March 26!

So, what's all this mean? We're further along than we thought and that's a great thing. Since Tanya is 22 weeks pregnant, she's even closer to our first goal --- making it to 24 weeks. 24 weeks is the earliest viable gestation time; clearly not what we want, but we absolutely have to get to 24. The next milestones will be 28 weeks, 30 weeks and finally 32 weeks. Getting to 32 weeks will be absolutely wonderful. All three babies have the best chance once we get to that point. And, NICU stays are shorter once at 32 weeks. Remember --- 32 weeks is still two months premature. So, we're hoping to make it even past that!

Now, let's talk about bed rest. Tanya is physically measuring 38 weeks. That means her body looks and feels like it's 38 weeks pregnant. This is due to the volume of babies she's carrying. So, bed rest will be coming soon --- probably later this month or early December. We will find out more when Tanya visits her OB again on November 26.

We visited with Tanya’s perinatologist today. As you can see the doctor appointments are coming back to back now. The peri sad all heart beats, baby bladders, amniotic fluid measurements, and growth measurements look great. Tanya goes back to the peri in 10 days for a routine visit.

That is all for now --- we cannot thank you enough for all of your thoughts and prayers. More to come!