Friday, November 30, 2007

23 Weeks and then some (PLUS AND OLD PIC FROM 2005)

Hi everyone --- yesterday we had a great visit at the perinatologist's office. First and foremost, all three of the triplets are doing great. All three have great heart beats and amniotic fluid levels are measuring right on track. We had such a good appointment, Tanya's peri has asked her to come back every two weeks. You'll remember just a couple of weeks ago we were seeing her every week and it moved to every 10, it's every 14.

We still need to get past the 24 week hump and that will be this coming Tuesday; December 4. After that, we really need to be shooting for week 28 (at January 1) and then 32 weeks on January 29. Tanya's getting a little more uncomfortable and she's measuring 40+ weeks now.
Tanya's doctors are encouraging as much bed rest as possible each day and she's keeping up with the protein drinks.

Also, we toured the NICU at the hospital yesterday. I (Jeff) had not yet received my flu shot so I had to gown up, wash my hands, wear gloves, and a mask! Tanya, as forward thinking as she is, has already had her flu shot so she walked right in. Nevertheless, we met with Dr. Farhi; he's the NICU doc who treated Brenden in December, 2005. It was nice to see a familiar face and he welcomed us for a quick tour. You see, Tanya will be delivering the triplets at the Johnston Willis campus of the CJW Medical center while two years ago, Brenden was born at the Chippenham campus of CJW. Luckily, the NICU docs and nurses rotate between the two campuses so we're completely comfortable with the superb level of care.

Dr. Farhi briefed us on how things will probably go depending on how long Tanya carries the triplets. He mentioned two to three teams of NICU folks will be in the delivery room based on gestational age of the triplets. And, he will be talking with Tanya's OB and perinatologist as necessary up to the delivery time.

So, here's a picture of Dr. Farhi, Tanya, and Brenden when Brenden was born in December, 2005. This weekend we'll scan in some ultrasound pictures of the triplets. Hope you have a great weekend! As always, thanks for all of your support.

Tanya, Brenden, and Jeff