Tuesday, November 13, 2007

20 Weeks and 2 Days - Great Dr. Appt Yesterday!

Hi Everyone, we visited Tanya's perinatologist yesterday and got a great report. All three of the triplets are progressing well and all are measuring within a few days of each other from a size perspective. Amniotic fluid levels are all in normal range and the babies are looking great.

So great that Tanya's perinatologist, Dr. Barbara Head, told her after next week, we will be moving to visits every 10 days v. once a week. This is great news!

Tanya's next visit to her perinatologist will be on Tuesday, November 20 and they will look again at all fluid levels, heart beats (they were all three fine yesterday), etc. Then, on or about November 30, the perinatologist will look again at all these items. Following that, on or about December 11, the perinatologist will perform more growth scans via ultrasound to make sure all babies are progressing as they shoud. So, this little snap shot of the next few appointments will help us keep track of what's coming next.

You can even tell Dr. Head is more optimistic than she was even a few weeks ago. As we were leaving her office, she was giving advise on triple decker strollers and car seats. :)

More to come...thanks for all of your support, thoughts, and prayers!

Tanya, Jeff and Brenden