Thursday, September 27, 2007

Wow! Three boys is still sinking in :)

It's Thursday night and Tanya is doing well. She's feeling well and drinking lots of water. Right now she's reading a book about expecting multiples and watching "My name is Earl" at the same time. We think the news about having three boys is super exciting. Can you imagine having four boys, including Brenden, all less than three years old? It's going to be awesome, crazy, amazing all at the same time.

Our next appointments are about one week from now. Tanya's perinatologist will take another look via ultrasound on October 5 which is Friday. She'll be almost 15 weeks at that time. We'll be hoping for re-assuring news that all is well.

Keeping these three guys healthy in the belly and remaining in there past 32 weeks is the ultimate goal. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers; we'll post more soon.