Monday, May 12, 2008

Thee Months Old!

Zayne (middle), Tristan (left), Ethan (right)

Hi everyone, Tuesday of this week, May 13, Ethan, Zayne, and Tristan will be three months old! Incredible.

All three of these little guys are developing their own unique personalities. Zayne loves momma and cannot stand to be away from Tanya. Tristan is a close second in that regard. Matter of fact, if they're fussy, Tanya will stretch them out on her as she watches TV and they completely snuggle in and fall immediately to sleep. Ethan is completely attached to Tanya too. When he is fussy, all Tanya has to do is walk back into the room and Ethan completely settles down.

Ethan, Zayne, and Tristan are all starting to sleep through the majority of each night. If they eat about 8 PM, they typically sleep until midnight. They all eat from about midnight until 1 AM. Then they generally sleep until about 4 -5 AM. We hope to get them in their cribs soon --- their acid reflux seems to be getting better. Tanya has the triplet's room all cleared out and it has two of the three cribs already in there. Jeff will be putting the third crib in the room this week.

We're already in 3-6 months clothes! The boys are growing so incredibly fast. We put Zayne in a 6-9 month outfit just for grins yesterday; it swallowed him.

Also, Tanya and I took Brenden to the NASCAR races when they were in town recently. Check out these photos! Brenden had a complete blast.

That is all for always, thanks for all of your support.

Tanya, Jeff, Brenden, Ethan, Zayne, and Tristan