Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Much Overdue Update - Jan 2009

Hi everyone - we are behind on our updates. It has been a wonderful past few months. First and foremost, Brenden turned three in December. He had a firefighter party and an engine company from station number 7 in Chesterfield brought an entire crew! Brenden and all of his friends and family had a great time.

Also, Brenden and dad have started up a model rocket hobby and had our first launch this past Saturday. It was a blast. Special thanks to Tim McGee's family and Amanda and Jordan for helping herd the fam to the neighborhood field on launch day :)

Rocket launch day with Brenden, Oscar, Jordan, and the Trio

Big boy Brenen on Christmas Day 2009

Now - about the trio - these guys are doing great. Ethan is up to 19 pounds, 14 oz. Zayne is 23 pounds and Tristan is 21 pounds. They're getting huge! Tristan is almost walking; he's clearly the most mobile. Zayne is close behind him and Ethan is now pulling up to a stand on any sturdy thing he can latch on to.

Ethan loves to repeat "wow wow" from the Nick show. Whenever Jeff walks into the room he chants "wowo wow Wubzy!" and he and Jeff chat it back and forth. Zayne loves to humm and sing little tunes. Tristan has developed his own language and every object in the house has it's own Tristan name.

We're struggling a little with chronic ear infections. Currently all three boys each have two ear infections and this is the fifth time this season they've been diagnosed. So, our pediatritian has asked us to set up some time with an pediatric ENT doctor to figure out some preventive treatment ideas. Luckily, we're closer to the end of the sickness season traditionally speaking.

Tanya has Ethan, Zayne, and Tristan on an amazing schedule. They are now up by 6:30 AM and have had a bottle and breakfast by 9 AM. They take a short nap about 10 AM and then have lunch at 12. They have a long nap about 2 PM and get up about 4 PM. Then, it's more play time, dinner at 5, a bath every other day or sometimes two in a day, and bed time by 6. It's amazing.

The three will start transitioning to whole mike on February13 which will be great! Here are some recent photos. Many thanks for all of your support.

Tanya's crazy bath day. Brenden, Ethan, Tristan, Zayne

Here's Zayne!

Zayne bottom, Tristan middle, Ethan top

Tristan left and Zayne right

It's Tristan!

Here's another of Tristan

Here's Ethan!