Monday, April 20, 2009

14 Months - All Walkin!

Hi everyone - we did a Spring update in our last post but forgot to mention and show photos of Ethan, Zayne and Tristan's birthday party back in February. The boys tured one on February 13 and here are their cake photos. Also, all three boys are walking!

Ethan - yum yum yum

Zayne - cake by the fistful

Tristan - give me MORE!

Zayne, Brenden, Tristan, Ethan with Mommy and Moppie

Also, many years ago we started a Relay for Life team in Chesterfield, VA. It's now led by Kim Chiaramida. The proceeds of this 24 hour team walk go completely to the American Cancer Society. Jeff's mom, referred to by the kids as Moppie, is a two time survivor. Realizing times are not the best these days, if you carve out funds in your budget for philanthropy, please strongly consider donating to Jeff's mom's fundraising. It's an absolutely amazing cause. Below is a photo of Moppie (Rosemary) at a previous Relay event along with Kevin and Mary from her office. And --- here is the link for donations: