Monday, January 14, 2008

30 Weeks Done!

Hi everyone, by the time most of you read this on Tuesday, Tanya will be 30 weeks pregnant! That means, all we need is two more weeks to get to the big milestone of 32 weeks. We are elated.

Today, during Tanya's routine perinatology visit with her peri, Dr. Head noticed a contraction. Tanya was whisked over to another room where her belly was monitored for 40 minutes to ensure labor was not imminent! That was a bit nerve wracking.

All is well now and what Tanya was feeling ended up being contractions. Dr. Head ordered Tanya begin taking contraction medication already prescribed by Tanya's OB. Tanya is at home resting as of the time of this posting.

During the visit, Dr. Head's staff performed the usual ultrasounds and found all babies to be doing great. And, all amniotic fluid levels are fine. Plus, all heart beats and umbilical cords are doing great.

We have been moved to a weekly schedule with Dr. Head and that is routine. Starting next week they will be actively monitoring movement and growth of the three babies moreso than ever.

Dr. Head surprised us by printing the image below of baby C. This is a great 4D shot. And the neat thing is you're looking at baby B too! More next week. Thanks everyone for all of your thoughts and prayers.