Wednesday, January 23, 2008

OK...that was scary

Hi everyone, the good news first --- Tanya is 31 weeks along! Now, we had a bit of a roller coaster ride since Saturday night though. At about 7:15 PM ET Tanya started experiencing a tremendous number of contractions. We were able to get her to Johnston Willis hospital, where delivery is already planned, quickly. Nurses and doctors got her hooked up to a ton of monitoring devices and began IV fluids as Tanya was dehydrated.

Dehydrated? Yep..even though she goes through over one gallon of water each day.

Anyway, Tanya was released from the hospital on Tuesday morning, January 22. Her release happened only after doctors ensured her health was good and all three babies were looking good.
So, now Tanya is at home resting comfortably in bed. She is on strict bed rest with only bathroom privileges as ordered by her doctor.

We know the picture below is a bit hard to figure out but we could not resist posting it. During a very in-depth examination by ultrasound while Tanya was admitted to the hospital, her perinatologist's sonographer captured this photo of all three babies and labeled it for us.

More to come soon. Thanks for all of your thoughts and prayers; they're all helping.