Sunday, February 3, 2008

32 Weeks and Still Sailing

Hi everyone, this past Tuesday, January 29, Tanya hit the 32 week mark! And, this means in a few short days, on February 5, she will be at 33!

All three of the babies are continuing to do very well. And, according to the ultrasound results, they're measuring as follows: Baby A - 4 pounds, 3 Oz; Baby B - 3 Pounds, 11 Oz; and Baby C - 3 Pounds, 13 Oz. For once, at least on ultrasound, Baby C has surpassed B!

Doctors are now saying if Tanya begins pre-term labor, it's unlikely aggressive treatment will be used to curb the contractions since she has passed the 32 week milestone and all steroids are on board, that's doctor lingo, to help with all three sets of lung development. Doctors injected Tanya with two rounds of steroids when Tanya was admitted to the hospital a couple weeks ago.

The Special Thanks Section:

* Special thanks to Tanya for carrying these three babies!

* We'd like to say a special thanks to our family and local friends who have been most generous with time and gifts. Tanya's sister, Amanda, and friends Lauralee and Sharon, put together a shower yesterday afternoon for family and close family friends. Amanda, Lauralee, and Sharon are fabulous. All who attended, and even some who couldn't make it to the shower, were very generous with gifts and words cannot express our thanks. We got lots of bibs, baby clothes, and other cool baby stuff which will make our lives easier once the triplets here.

* We'd like to extend a special thanks to all of our neighbors, Lisa Hill, Melissa Hoy, Diane Gilbride, and Elizabeth Schrogie who have managed to keep us fed while Tanya's been on bed rest and for a good start to filling up our garage freezer for when the triplets get here.

* Special thanks to Tanya's mom Kayela for spending several hours at our house in the past month helping with all the things Jeff struggles with -- you know, the fun stiff like laundry, cleaning, dishes, etc.

* Special thanks to Tanya's mom Kayela and Tanya's sister, Amanda, for all of their decorating talents. Our downstairs looks fabulous thanks to both of them. And, Amanda put the finishing touches on the nursery yesterday.

* Special thanks to our teams at Bank of America. Both Tanya and I work for Bank of America and everyone there, in Richmond and across the country, have been overwhelmingly supportive. Also, a special thanks to Perry and Eric with the auxiliary police unit for all of your support.

* Special thanks to all of you who have loaned us and even given us baby items like cribs, bouncies, high chairs, etc. etc. This is truly remarkable.

* Special thanks to everyone else who help watch Brenden, say prayers, calls and writes to check on us, etc. We could not do this without you.

* Jeff and Tanya's moms and dads and Jeff's sister, Kara - running around after our son Brenden when you're at our house and especially when you watch him at your house is tremendous.

That is all for now. Tanya has two doctor appointments this week and we'll send an update toward the end of this week. We'll leave you with a picture from yesterday as Tanya opened a preemie outfit with the help of Gary and Katie Bailey's daughters Claire (left) and Rachel (Right).