Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Tanya's home and the triplets are doing good

Hi everyone, here's a quick update. Tanya has been released from the hospital and she's now home. We're making frequent trips to the NICU to visit the triplets and bring them milk; Tanya is pumping and doing great.
All three of our boys are off of IV fluids and respirators. And, they're all off the billilights! Great progress.
They now all must be able to maintain their internal temperatures and eat at least 50cc of milk every three hours. They're not doing very well with the eating thing so they're all three on feeding tubes. Not to worry though...they'll be good to go very soon. Doctors and nurses are amazed at how well each are doing for being born at 34 weeks. And, they're truly amazed at Tanya for carrying Ethan, Zayne, and Tristan that long. Here's a couple photos...

Tanya with Ethan, Zayne, and Tristan

Jeff's mom with Zayne and Tristan