Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Big Big Big Update

Ethan (left) Zayne (middle) Tristan (right)

Zayne (left) and Big Brother Brenden

First off --- happy happy birthday to Mason Cauthen; our nephew! He just turned 10! Congrats Mason!

Ok--- we have a pretty big update on our triplets; Ethan, Zayne, and Tristan. They're all getting so so big. Zayne's already in 6-9 month clothes. Ethan and Tristan are hanging in 3-6 month clothing.

Breathing! You may have heard both Zayne and Tristan are now on breathing monitors. That's true and they're doing fine. We're very lucky - the monitors help keep peace of mind. And, they both visited the Ear Nose and Throat doctor today and got a clean bill of health. They'll stay on the breathing monitors but we're elated they're doing well.

Ethan continues to ravenously eat. He loves to smile and chow at the same time.