Thursday, June 26, 2008

Huge round of thanks - and a quick update

Hi everyone, we continue to receive tons of help and we cannot thank you enough. Tanya's Aunt Linda, Lisa, Tanya's mom Kayela, Elizabeth, Jeff's mom Rosemary, Jeff's sister Kara, Jim, Dianna, Dylan, Jerrod, Kerri, Kenna, Brad, Jeff's dad Tom, Tanya's dad Terry, Christine, Shirene, Lauralee, Patrick, Katie, Amanda, Jordan, Megan, Heather, Melissa, Lilly, the list goes on and on! We get so much help it's amazing to sit back and think about it. Thank you - everyone! You are what makes this possible.
Tanya is an absolute rock star mom. She cares for the boys each and every day and makes it look easy.

Ethan will be getting a little occupational therapy soon. He tenses up his muscles and his doctor has referred us to a group of folks who work for the county that make house calls. This is all to make sure his slightly tense arms and legs don't impact his ability to start crawling.

Zayne is typically the happiest baby. He's always in his bouncy, lying on the floor, lying on the changing table with a huge smile. He's so big - probably more than 15 pounds now.

Tristan's left eye is getting a lot better. Tanya works with him every day and puts on his medicine. His face is not as red as it used to be and it's amazing how, as he gains weight, he looks just like Zayne.

Brenden continues to be the most helpful little boy. He loves to help feed "my babies" and Brenden is showing remarkable skill with his numbers. He will walk into the play room and see only one baby with Tanya and say "one baby awake!" Then, he follows that up with "two babies sleeping?"

Here is a priceless shot of Aunt Linda juggling all three babies - feeding Ethan in her lap and Tristan in his bouncy while Zayne chills out in his bouncy.

Brenden making a cake with cousin Jordan